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We have a variety of decorative and functional extras as well. From musical wall clocks to handcrafted jewelry boxes made from exotic woods, we have the perfect accessory for just about any occasion.

Children's Jewelry

Is your little one ready for her first piece of jewelry? We have everything from sterling silver rings to gold bracelets. We even have trinket and jewelry boxes to keep them in. Bring your sweet one in and pick out something she will love.

Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box should be as beautiful as the collection inside. We have small and larger boxes made from exotic woods with exquisite detailing. Come by and see these handcrafted wonders for yourself.

Musical Clocks

“Fascinating” is the word most people use when describing Rhythm’s selection of Magic Motion clocks. At the top of each hour the magic begins as these clocks transform into a display of charming motion and pleasing melodies. As your Rhythm Small World MagiMotion Clock comes to life, it will become the center of attention and topic of conversation for years to come.

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